Secretary of State Adrian Fontes pushes voter registration, addresses push to ditch partisan ballots

Something to think about!

AZ Secretary of State, Adrian Fontes did what a good SOS does, advocated for people to get registered to vote.  Read the entire article because now there is a push to get rid of the partisan nomination ballot and have everybody run on a single ballot.
From the Cronkite News article by Kiersten Edgett/Cronkite News: "The events came after a recently launched campaign to amend the state constitution and rework Arizona’s primary elections structure.  The proposed initiative, known as the Make Elections Fair Act, seeks to change Arizona primary elections to one single ballot with all running candidates, rather than partisan ballots given based on voters’ political affiliations."
Read the entire article here.
Commentary by Bob Karp
There needs to be some serious discussion of this nonpartisan nomination ballot.  Seems like a terrible idea of the minority party in the state which is the Democratic Party. We already have enough problems at the national level with minority rule (the filibuster in the Senate and the Electoral College) to introduce the same problems at the state level in Arizona makes me concerned.  Stay tuned!
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