Opinion: AZ Central – Mohave County failed hand count of ballots

By Laurie Roberts at AZCentral.com

The results are in after a test hand count of ballots in Arizona. Bottom line: It's a great idea, if you don't want timely or accurate results.
From the article "The far right’s quest to get rid of tabulation machines in next year’s election hit a slight pothole last week when Mohave County reported the results of its recent test hand count of ballots from last year’s election."

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Bipartisan elections task force meets

From KTAR News 93.2 FM - Luke Forstner

"PHOENIX — The Bipartisan Elections Task Force formed by Governor Katie Hobbs had its second meeting this month, to continue working towards its goal of making elections safer and more secure.
Helen Purcell, the Task Force’s co-chair and former Maricopa County Recorder said she wasn’t ready to release details about what they’re working on, but that they are making progress.
“We’re trying to come up with solutions,” Purcell said. “Some of it may be legislative, some of it may be best practices.”"

Read the entire article at KTAR.com

Commentary by Bob Karp - My gripe is that we already have "safe, secure, elections in Arizona". I certainly don't like the "towards" in the lead and headline. Somehow the lies have opened up a discussion as if we haven't had secure elections in the past. That's BS!

CEBV Weekly – Learn about AZ legislature

Great source of info on the Arizona state legislature 2023 session

The 2023 Arizona State Legislative session drags on, being the longest in state history.  Apparently the Republican majorities don't like dealing with Democrat Governor Hobbs.  This organization's weekly newsletter is a wealth of information about various bills and activities of our elected state officials.

Read the July 31, 2023 edition here.

Ballot question to remove Douglas AMA thrown out

Errors or incompetence in Cochise County Elections Department cause chaos

Arizona Public Media - July 21, 2023 - Summer Hom reports on lawsuit that forced the Cochise County Elections Department and County Recorder David Stevens upon consultation with the County Attorney to invalidate an election to revoke the recently created Douglas Basin AMA.
From the article "The Environmental Defense Fund has voluntarily withdrew their lawsuit after Cochise County pulled the initiative aiming to remove the Douglas Active Management Area from the November ballot after multiple errors in the filing process were found."
Read the entire article at news.azpm.org


Cochise County Board of Supervisors continues litigation to do 100% hand count of ballots

Recorder David Stevens argues that county has the right to do a 100% hand count of early ballots

From coverage by Summer Horn of Arizona Public Media:
The Cochise County Board of Supervisors’ quest to conduct a 100% hand count audit of the 2022 General Election continued Tuesday, as the board filed an appeal to the initial ruling made by Pima County Superior Court Judge Casey McGinley that struck down the board’s hand count pursuit as violating Arizona election law.
Veronica Lucero, the attorney for Cochise County Recorder David Stevens, argued that state statute permits the board to conduct a 100% hand count audit of early and election day ballots since the language of the law requires a randomized hand count audit of “At least two percent of the precincts in that county, or two precincts, whichever is greater.”"

Read the entire article which includes a great background on how the county got to this point.

Arizona Republicans push legality of hand counts of ballots

Republican senators emphasize legality, not practicality

Arizona Republicans continue the push for hand counts of ballots.  From VoteBeat Arizona:
"As they tour the state to try to convince county decision-makers to hand-count ballots in the upcoming presidential election, Republican lawmakers in Arizona are emphasizing one point: They believe it’s legal here."
Read more about it on Arizona VoteBeat.org


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MSNBC – Election suit from Arizona’s Lake leads to sanctions (yes, again)

Commentary by Steve Benen of MSNBC

Some background and thoughts on various lawsuits filed by losing Republican candidates including our very own loser for governor Kari Lake.  Benen writes:
"Ordinarily, once a civil case runs its course in court, the process ends and those involved move on. But in the wake of the 2020 election cycle, plenty of Republican conspiracy theorists lost plenty of lawsuits — and as it turns out, the courtroom defeats weren’t the end of their troubles.
At the heart of the problem is the simple fact that the GOP litigants brought cases that never should’ve been filed. The result has been a striking series of court-imposed sanctions on a sizable group of Republican plaintiffs. The Arizona Republic reported late last week on one of the more notable examples."
Get the complete viewpoint on the Rachel Maddow MSNBC blog.