Cochise Elections Director resigns after less than four months

Commentary by Bob Karp

From Arizona Public Media ( by Summer Hom:
"The Cochise County Elections Director has resigned, again.
If it seems like déjà vu, and that’s because it is - the second time this year that a County Elections Director has resighted
Cochise County Recorder David Stevens and Cochise County Supervisor Tom Crosby confirmed to AZPM Monday that Cochise County Elections Director Bob Bartelsmeyer handed in his resignation last Friday. Supervisor Ann English and Cochise County Attorney Brian McIntyre also confirmed.  English said in an email that Bartelsmeyer handed in his two-week notice on Friday. That puts Bartelsmeyer's last day on the job as September 29."

Commentary by Bob Karp

Have we, the residents of Cochise County, had enough yet?  Now the county Elections Director, Bob Barelsmeyer, forced upon the voting public by County Recorder David Stevens, and Supervisor Tom Crosby (with the vote and help of Supervisor Peggy Judd), has resigned and returned to his PREVIOUS position in La Paz county.

Let's remember that as part of his employment agreement, he was given a relocation allowance.

A number of questions about how Cochise County is governed come immediately to mind:

  1. Does the Board of Supervisors plan to claw back the reimbursed expenses?
  2. How did the hiring process go off the rails and who is to blame for it?
  3. Will the BoS and the County Administrator now step in to make sure that future hiring practices and employment contracts are fair to both the employee and to the county?
  4. Why would La Paz county take this guy back?
  5. Was there private meetings and agreements in La Paz about this that violate Arizona Open Meeting Laws?
  6. How are the two November 2023 special elections going to conducted when the two remaining Elections Department employees have not been with the department for a previous election?
It is time to demand answers from the people that govern and run Cochise County.


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