Cochise County Elections Director says “this is a toxic environment”

From September 30, 2023

Second Cochise County Elections Director to resign post in 2023 offers grim assessment as we enter 2024 election season: "this is a toxic environment."

Bob Bartelsmeyer speaks with CRN concerning threats, and the malignant atmosphere of conspiracy theories and elections denialism spurred by county supervisors, others...

Friday, September 29, 2023, was Bob Bartelsmeyer's last day serving as elections director of Cochise County. His first day on the job was May 30. That's four months. Bartelsmeyer's predecessor, Lisa Marra, tendered her resignation in late January. Now, as Cochise County lurches into the 2024 election season with no elections director at the wheel, Bartelsmeyer offers grim parting words:
"This is a toxic environment. I have to think about my health and stress."

Read the entire interview and article here.

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