Is Twitter worth your time?

Twitter for campaigns and activists

Update:  July 31, 2023 - Twitter is now X and that's about all that can be said about Elon Musk and his ownership of the platform.
Let's start by agreeing that we don't want to support Elon Musk.  However, Twitter is used by millions of people every day.  Here are a few reasons to take the time to build a Twitter following and use it to communicate with a small portion of voters and the public.  For candidates:
  1. Twitter is still a trend setter.  Having your campaign on the platform gives you some "cred".
  2. Many reporters that are covering Cochise County are on Twitter.  Following them will gain their attention.
  3. Compared to your website or even Facebook, Twitter makes it relatively easy to put out a reaction, event, statement in real time.
  4. You can do it with no cost.  (A big no to the blue checkmark or premium offer.)
  5. Your campaign can amplify other opinions and events by retweeting.  (Follow opinion makers)
  6. Twitter reaches an audience that may not be easy to reach other ways.  (See below)
The Washington Post recently had some interesting stats on who uses Twitter.  Twitter leans younger than Facebook and certainly more Democratic Party than other platforms.  Click on the graphic to see a clearer picture.

From the Washington Post

A large portion of the Twitter universe of left-leaners is under 50, and about 40% are under 30!  If you want to reach a younger, left-leaning audience, Twitter may be one tool you want to use.  Now on to the bad stuff.
  1. Indirectly you are helping Elon Musk by being on the platform. Ugh.
  2. Who knows if Twitter will be around by November 2024.  Pay attention.
  3. You will get lots of nasty feedback from "Twitter trolls".  You can block them if you want.
  4. It is very hard to build followers.  Don't be discouraged.  Some suggestions in the June Cochise Project Candidate Newsletter.
  5. Getting on is easy, it's a bit harder to understand how Twitter works and the best way to include video, photos, graphics or retweet.
Twitter is not for everyone and may not be right for your campaign based on many factors including time involved using the platform.  But don't write it off without some serious discussion with your campaign team.


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