Letter to the Editor: Fred Miller Ali Morse

As published in the Herald/Review online 8/25/23

To the editor:

We would like to thank Cochise County Supervisors Peggy Judd and Ann English for voting against the extension of the $1 million grant for "ballot fraud countermeasures."


Through no fault of their own, this controversial grant had been beset by procurement issues, ongoing delays, and the failure of Recorder David Stevens to provide proper paperwork. The grant was an expensive and poorly administered attempt to solve a non-existent problem. Although the grant was terminated on Tuesday, Recorder Stevens had already spent over $187,500 of taxpayers’ money without board approval.


Additional thanks to English and Judd who indicated at Tuesday’s work session that they are in favor of having oversight of the Cochise County elections department return to the county administrator.

Recorder Stevens has been in charge of elections since late February and will step down Sept. 7. His responsibilities included hiring Elections Director Bob Bartelsmeyer and overseeing the unlawful acceptance of petitions to repeal the Douglas AMA, for which the county was sued.


We believe these votes by Supervisors Judd and English are a positive step toward beginning to rebuild trust in elections that has been seriously eroded over the past year.

Fred Miller


Ali Morse


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